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Battery Operated Electric Rickshaw

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    Advantages of Electric Rickshaw

    Cost Efficient

    Electric rickshaws ensure efficient use of energy and saves money. These rickshaws have a very low running cost and maintenance with a long life than any other non battery operated vehicles.

    Environment Friendly

    Electric rickshaws help in preservation of the environment. Almost all types of fuel used cause pollution. Electric vehicles have zero emission which helps to reduce pollution and offer a much healthier surrounding.


    With high end technology & combination of different composite materials, we are able to enhance performance, reduce electrical losses, reduce weight, increase battery life and mileage of E-rickshaws.

    About us

    Battery Operated Electric Rickshaw

    Mac Auto started in early 2014 as a dream organization & today has grown to become one of the industry leading players with PAN India presence. Mac Auto is one of the pioneers in Electric Rickshaw Manufacturer, spare parts & accessories in India. Our products are i-CAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology) certified by Govt of India and positioned as a Electric Vehicle company having patented technologies & state of the art design capabilities. We take pride in manufacturing the widely popular Electric Rickshaw for passengers and Electric Cart for loading purposes that are well known for their eco-friendly performance.


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