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India's Best E Rickshaw Manufacturer
India's Best E Rickshaw Manufacturer

India's Best E Rickshaw

E-Rickshaw or Battery Operated Electric Rickshaws are one of the preferred model of transportation for passengers. They are gaining popularity as they are alternative to petrol, diesel or CNG driven vehicles. Hence are eco-friendly and do not add to the carbon dioxide level in air. The cost of commuting is comparably less and comfortable. Visit Mac Auto India  to buy Passenger e rickshaws in India our precious customers can avail this product at pocket friendly price.


Design and Safety

Safety is the main point for any products of Mac Auto . From the tyres to the roof everything is carefully manufactured to give you a safe journey.


Mac Auto has used cutting edge robotic technology to develop Macstar Products. Battery-operated e-rickshaw has an easy to operate steering function and top of the line technology to make it low maintenance and high efficiency.

The Star is ahead from any other vehicle on the road with an astonishing 25% more mileage. One charge a day and run more than 150 Kms without stopping for multiple charging.

India's Best E Rickshaw Manufacturer

India's Best E Rickshaw Manufacturer

Our E-Rickshaws are carefully designed and developed to provide exemplar safety to its customers. A dedicated team of highly skilled individuals have made these vehicles with advanced technology and they come to your garage with low maintenance, zero emission and infinite savings.

Cloud Based Mobility Platform

Simplify your mobility complexity, make real-time decisions & have access to information when offline.

Reverse Parking Sensor

Remove the stress out of parallel parking in a tight spot without the worry of accidents and make it easier to maneuver in traffic.

Gps With Insurance

Real time step-by-step information of directions, unauthorized use notification & we look after your insurance, so you can look after everything else.

Unveil Your Color

Top 10 Electric Rickshaws in India


Experience new dimensions with the MAC Thunder and be Future Ready!

25 km/h

140 KM

Direct Mounting

3-4 Hours

India's Best E Rickshaw Manufacturer


2 1 4 3

Product Specification & features

Mac Thunder

Mac Thunder+

Mac Thunder Pro

Stylish Cushion Seat
Stylish Bumper & Front Panel
Brighter Headlight
Realistic Graphic
Fire Extinguisher
Center Locking x
Grill for Front & Back Light
Rear Shocker x
Stylish Stepony Cover x
Front Wind Shield x
High Relax able Cushion Seat Hitlon / Bonded Hitlon / Bonded Hitlon / Bonded
Armrest x
Rear Shocker Absorber x
hand Gripper
Handle Locking x
Front Brake Sensor
Hand Brake System
Rear Brake System
Wheel Drive Real Wheel Drive Real Wheel Drive Real Wheel Drive
Transmission Differential Differential Differential
Gear Ratio 10:01 10:01 10:01
Battery Capacity
Battery Connection 4 Battery in Series 4 Battery in Series 4 Battery in Series
Running Distance 90-100Km / Charge 90-100Km / Charge 90-100Km / Charge
Turning Circle Diameter 2.8m 2.8m 2.8m
Suspension Left Spring & Rear Shocker Left Spring & Rear Shocker Left Spring & Rear Shocker
Breaking System Front & Rear Rods Left Spring & Rear Shocker Left Spring & Rear Shocker
Front Brake Dia 130mm 130mm 130mm
Rear Brake Dia 160mm 160mm 160mm
Steering System Steering Handle Steering Handle Steering Handle
Wheel / Rim 2.15x12''(MS RIM) 2.15x12''(MS RIM) 2.15x12''(MS RIM)
Tyre Tube Type3.75x12" Tube Type3.75x12" Tube Type3.75x12"
Outer Dimension
Length 2760mm 2760mm 2760mm
Width 940mm 940mm 940mm
Hight 1770mm 1770mm 1770mm
Wheel Base 2125mm 2125mm 2125mm
Ground Clearance From Chassis 180mm 180mm 180mm
Seating Capacity
Seating Capacity 4 Pessenger+40KG 4 Pessenger+40KG 4 Pessenger+40KG
Vehicle kerb weight 380kg 380kg 380kg
Vehicle Gross weight 720kg 720kg 720kg
Motor Details
Motor Characteristic 48V1000W/3200RPM 48V1000W/3200RPM 48V1000W/3200RPM
Water Ingress IP 65 IP 65 IP 65
Colling Type Air cool With fan Air cool With fan Air cool With fan
Controller Details
Controller Features Overload Protection Overload Protection Overload Protection
Reating 50AMp 50AMp 50AMp
No Of MosFets 24 24 24
Rating Volt 48V 48V 48V
Water Ingress IP 65 IP 65 IP 65
Cooling Type Heat Sink Heat Sink Heat Sink
Luggage Carrier Optional Optional Optional
Stepony cover Cloth Plastic / ABS Plastic / ABS
Front Glass x
Center Locking x
Tool Kit
FM Radio
Rear Bumper
Fire Extinguisher
Brake Charger System
Front & Rear Mud Flap
Driver & Passenger Foot Map x x
Led With Rear Camera x x
Mobile Holder x
Front & Rear Light Mesh
Luggage Carrier Optional Optional Optional
SS Frames Optional Optional Optional

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