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E Loader Rickshaw

E Loader Rickshaw is one of the preferred models of transportation for carrying Goods. They are gaining popularity as they are an alternative to petrol, diesel, or CNG-driven vehicles. Hence are eco-friendly and do not add to the carbon dioxide level in the air. The cost of commuting is comparably less and more comfortable. Visit Mac Auto India to buy  E Loader rickshaws in India our precious customers can avail of this product at a pocket-friendly price.

E Loader Rickshaw FEATURES

brake (2)

Regenerative Braking

battery (1)

Lithium ION Battery

maintenance (2)

Low Maintenance

speedometer (2)

Maximum Mileage 110-120Km


Fast Charge

Design and Safety

E Loader Rickshaw (Mac Zorawar) is ergonomically designed and is reliable and durable to drive, there are no downtimes, no failures in the vehicle ensuring earning and vehicle are both on the move always.


E-Loader Rickshaw is one of the best E-Loader to transport goods. Its power train system especially the motor has been designed after extensive R&D to generate a higher RPM compared to conventional motors. This provides instant torque for a smooth start and pick up and enables it to climb elevated areas easily when fully loaded.

E Loader Rickshaw

Best E Loader Rickshaw

Better Payload Capacity

If the looks impress you, try and see its performance, with a high loading capacity and low maintenance, it has the potential of serving many tasks.

Smart Controlling System

Smart Control Systems can provide the most robust, versatile, custom made smart solutions of any type anywhere.

Driver Information System

Improve driving safety and efficiency by providing instructions to drivers aimed at improving their driving style.

Unveil Your Color

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full body slide 2
full body slide 3
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Experience new dimensions with the MAC ZORAWAR and be Future Ready!

25 km/h

140 KM

Direct Mounting

3-4 Hours

Closed Body Loader

E Loader Rickshaw Mac Zorawar Technical Specifications

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