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Start Electric 3 Wheeler Dealership – The Profitable Business Opportunity

Mac Auto has always believed in establishing long-term partnerships with its business associates and dealers. We believe that the strength of the company lies in the strength of its relationships with partners, dealers and customers. Our full-fledged assistance in the areas of business i.e., sales, marketing, safety, and training will ensure that you progress with our partnership. If you have the dream, we have the support to nurture it. Together we would make it happen for a sustainable and profitable tomorrow.

Good Quality Products

Our products are ICAT
certified by Govt of India


Our products have a
life of more than 10 years.

Grow with Us

Commitment to uplift lives,
become a Mac Auto dealer.

How to start ?

and Briefing

After receiving the application, the prospective dealer is briefed by the sales team, and after analyzing there eligibility, the sales team approves them to be a our dealer.

Construction and layout of showroom

After getting the initial approval for Dealership, the showroom is to be completed as per the Company Norms.

of Intent

Letter of Intent is issued for further processing as per the details collected from the prospective Dealer.

Recieve first supply & start the journey

Mac Auto will provide the first Electric Vehicle supply once all the processes are completed, Dealers can start their operations.

Dealership Benefits

Exclusive Dealership


Mac Auto does not take any deposit from the dealer.
Yes, We have, numbers of private and Government bank is associated with us like, Vedika, Indusind, SBI.
Dealership agreement with the company is renewable after every 1 year.
Distinct area of operation will be given to the dealers for sales and service related activities. This is called as command area and cross selling in other dealer’s area is not allowed.
Company will provide all layouts, drawings and interior designs for showroom and workshop which will be as per Mac dealership corporate identity norms. Company will provide manpower training. Training will be provided to workshop technical staff. Training to the sales team will be provided on product features, customer handling & sales process.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A Proprietorship/Partnership/Company.
  • Must have valid TIN & GST NO.
  • Showroom area 500sq Ft ( minimum) on ground floor.
  • Warehouse space equals to monthly sale commitment.
Minimum investment required to take our dealership is 5 – 10 lacs.
We offer dealership to only local residents.

MAC Auto 3 Wheeler Dealership Details

A leased or privately owned land is a pre requisite to build the Mac Auto showroom. Typical land sizes for various storage capacities are:


Showroom (in sq ft)

Investment (in lakhs)













Dealership Application Form